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Case Study – VANS – Skating on Air
1a) What were some of the key characteristics of Van’s earliest customers in the 1960’s and 1970’s?
Some of the key characteristics of Van’s customers are teenagers who needed strong and durable footwear for their rough sports like skateboarding, people who needed customized shoes sizes due to various width and lengths of their feet, people who just simply want a shoe customized to their style and liking, and schools that needed shoes that could match the school colours. For the people, it simply meant young, fun, Southern California, beaches, skateboarding and surfing.
1b) What was the public perception of skateboarding at this time?
Skateboarding caught on as a trend due to Z-boy skating techniques
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The company’s competitive position has become more competitive over time, especially in the 1980’s, causing it to declare bankruptcy. It was fighting with major competitors like Nike and Reebok. It went from just selling sneakers which it was famous for, to selling athletic footwear. People used to buy from Van’s due to it durability and affordability as well as strong brand, but over time other footwear companies emerged in the market with better designs and same or lower price due to lower overseas manufacturing cost. People are given more choice and with choice companies are forced to either change their strategies or focused on certain segments. Van’s has now moved from a direct manufacturing company by closing down its factory, to focus more on trying to maintain and retain strong relationships with unpredictable, fashion-conscious kids in order to remain competitive among the big players like Nike and Reebok.
Its initial value proposition to customers was to make the most durable and affordable casual deck shoe in the market. But with intense and strong competition from big players, it has now changed its value proposition to create a proprietary branding platform that would build on their unique heritage and give them a long-term leadership position, by focusing on furthering the authenticity of their brand and connection to the lifestyle associated with core sports. It is no longer about just customization of

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