Pc Nursing Reflection

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Integration of PC Principles: Reflection of Class Learning
The purpose of this paper is to discuss the integration of PC principles in nursing care and my reflection of the learning that has taken place during this semester. I will discuss what I have learned overall from this course, this semester, and how I plan to implement it into my nursing in the future. I will also discuss the most significant concept I have learned over this semester, why it is significant, and furthermore, how this will impact my future as a nurse.
Overall in this course, I have gained a more thorough understanding of what PC nursing is and how it plays a vital role in nursing today. There are many reasons why it is so important but some of the ones I found to be
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While on the other hand, for some individuals this event can be a life cut shorter than planned or wanted and involve medical issues such as a disease that requires specific care and treatment. For some of these individuals that are dealing with this type of medical issue, often they are in need of medical care as well as support for their family members and unsure of what is needed. In addition, when the threat of death is an added to a situation often it will bring about many fears, not only for the individual directly dealing with the disease but their family as well. This is where the PC nurse can come in and have a very positive impact on the situation not only for the individual but their family members as …show more content…
The main difference being that PC nurses are treating the whole person this includes giving medical treatment at any stage of the disease and comfort measures together, while on the other hand, the hospice nurse is just offering comfort care at the end stages of life and no longer any sort of medical treatment for the disease. Palliative care defined by the World Health Organization is a as follows, “palliative care is an approach that improves the quality of life of patients (adults and children) and their families who are facing problems associated with life-threatening illness” (n.d, WHO) The PC nurse is also very helpful in assisting the family of the individual receiving the medical treatment, this includes support and helping with concerns. According to Palliative Care of Arizona, (n.d) “Providing answers, assistance, and emotional support to patients and families” is listed under ways to help patients and families in the healthcare make their way through the medical system. One way the PC nurse does this is by answering difficult medical questions for the family in a comfortable setting, in doing this it allows for a holistic care type of setting. For many patients when they are diagnosed with a serious medical issue or disease that may lead to death major anxiety sets in for them as well as the family and they become

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