Pay Student Athletes Essay

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Vishal Patel
English 104
April 26, 2012
Pay Student Athletes
The word student-athlete refers to a student who is playing a sport in college and receiving scholarships in return. On the surface, most people sees great athletes getting a free education, but they deserve more than just free education such as extra rewards and benefits since the college, the conferences and the NCAA are making billions of dollars off of them. To be in a nationally televised game or making deep runs in tournaments can bring in a lot of money for the colleges and universities. But the colleges and the sponsors collect all of the profits and not a single penny goes to the student-athlete and that is unfair. Colleges and the NCAA are making these students
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However, there are some exceptions to my argument about how colleges use student-athletes to generate revenue and not their academic progress.
“In 2011, the Bulldogs were the only school out of the Final Four participants to reach the top 10 percentile of the Academic Progress Rate. This only shows that Butler is an example for all students to follow. Not only do they try hard in the game of basketball, but they are also students in the classroom and try to earn a degree in their major, According to ESPN” (Cooper).
This is the only exception that I have found where academics of a student-athlete value the same as a sport. This lend weight to the argument, because this is only one exception university, against all the other colleges where athletes are there to generate money, education comes after that.
Playing a college sport is like a full time job for these student-athletes. They have to do something for the team everyday whether it’s watching film, practicing, or lifting weights. They only get free education for playing that sport. But an average college student gets time to study and also can get a job if he or she wants to. For a student-athlete, that person does not have the time to get a job. “The term student-athlete is meant to conjure the nobility of scholarship over athletic endeavor. But the origins of the ‘student-athlete’ lie not in a disinterested ideal but in a sophistic formulation designed

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