Essay Pay Riding And Free Riding

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Pay riding and free riding are terms that are used when talking about the coalitions that are created to fight against terrorism (Fratianni et al., 2004). To put these terms into context, free riding refers to those countries that benefit from the efforts of the United States fighting against terrorism, but do nothing or very little to help the cause resulting in the United States having to carry most of the burden during the fight (Fratianni et al., 2004). Pay riding is more complex because it refers to those countries that are on both sides against the fight on terrorism (Fratianni et al., 2004). These countries help the cause of the United States against terrorism usually for political relations and the help is almost always in the form of funding with large amounts of money (Fratianni et al., 2004). At the same time most of these countries are corrupted and they also contribute to terrorist organizations usually in exchange to keep peace within their countries, Saudi Arabia is a great example of a country that falls under pay riding (Fratianni et al., 2004). Only when the United States starts to implement more effective pressure in other countries to stop pay riding, only then the unilateral solution will turn into a multilateral (Fratianni et al., 2004). The reason to this is that as long as pay riding exists, terrorist organizations will be well funded and prevail. When terrorist organizations are well funded terrorist attacks occur more often worldwide, as terrorist…

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