Essay on Pay It Forward : A Peace Prize Award

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Pay It Forward
I arrive in Oslo, Norway on October 9, 2021, a day before the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony. As I stand on the hotel’s balcony, the sun is shining bright, and as I breathe in the fresh air, I take in the glorious view that is filled with exquisite buildings. The warm air blowing against my skin awakes my soul causing me to reminisce on how I made it to the point to be chosen to receive the Nobel Peace Prize Award. Eleven months ago, I attended one of Dr. Rice’s conferences, and while waiting for her to speak, I thought about how blessed I was to receive my Master’s Degree in Nursing. When I realized that I was able to achieve my goal because of my faith in God, determination, and support system, instantly, I wanted to help others reach their goals. Soon, Dr. Rice came out and spoke about the program that she co- founded The Center for a New Generation. I was astounded by how the program provided after- school college preparatory tutoring for less fortunate students. Hearing her say that education is the key to America continuing its legacy encouraged me to want to contribute to the cause by launching a scholarship fund. After the conference, I anxiously awaited to meet her.
When I was face to face with Dr. Rice, I explained that I enjoyed her motivational speech, and that I wanted to contribute to America’s legacy by starting a scholarship fund. Hoping that she would be on board with my idea, I told her my story and why I wanted to provide scholarships to…

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