Pay For Play : Article Summary Essay

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The “Pay for Play” article talks about how the growing topic to pay Division 1 players to play sports and how it would actually work for revenue and nonrevenue sports. The big question that always pops up after every college season is “Should we pay the athletes?” and is it in the best interest of the athletes and the university if we do. Yes, the athletes bring millions and millions of dollars to the University, whether it’s a game, an event or even fan gear, reason for that is because of the men and women playing and representing their schools especially in the power five conferences, which are the SEC, BIG 12, BIG 10, PAC 12, and the ACC, not to mention all the other conferences in the nation. In 2013, a player from the UCONN men’s basketball team talked about on live television that he couldn’t eat, at times he didn’t have money to eat, and that sparked the debate that athletes don’t have money or don’t get enough money to eat because it would ruin their eligibility because they aren’t amateurs anymore. I think after all that is said, athletes shouldn’t get paid just because it would make them professionals. I also think it would exploit an athlete as well, but the other side to that would be normal students have a lot of free time so they can go out and get a job and earn money for what ever they want. Athletes during season can’t get a job because all of their time goes to helping their team win whether it is a practice or workouts…

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