Paulo Freire 's The Banking Concept Of Education Essay

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Paulo Freire’s ‘the banking concept of education’ states that a teacher is a depositor and the student is a bank account. His solution for this is ‘problem-posing education’ which in essence is taking that deposited value and investing it forward in their future and allowing them to invest the capital in different locations without restrictions. But there is a middle ground where you can use problem-posing education with the banking concept in a meld of the old and the new, meaning that if you take the information provided to you and then use your critical thinking skills to analyze it understand the ideas and concepts you can take that knowledge and use it for not just what 's in front of you but also keep it as a form of reference. Some time honored phrases “Knowledge is power, Power corrupts and absolute power absolutely corrupts, and Freedom with limits.” Each phrase can explain why absolutely going one way or the other cannot be done, yes the banking concept of education has been around for quite sometime and it’s hard to change the status quo. Ways to change the status quo according to Freire involves "listening, dialogue, and action” which creates an atmosphere of humility and trust. With all this in mind, think of the perfect utopia where learning is non-oppressive and you are the driver in the learning experience. The perfect student would be one that has a high level of Engagement. Would it be something a student feel as giving them complete freedom, or a certain…

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