Paulo Freire's Essay "The Banking Concept of Education"

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Reviewing and reflecting upon critical issues in education is an involved and complex process. As an elementary and high school student, I can vividly recall countless lectures from teachers on various subjects and frantically copying word for word notes written on blackboards. These notes would later become my study sheets to be memorized for a unit test, quiz or exam. Kozol (2005) comments on the unequal quality of education in relation to rote instruction in education in a conversation with the head of a Chicago school who had been accused of “...turning children into robots...”, the educator responded to the charge by saying “Did you ever stop to think that these robots will never burglarize your home?...will never snatch your …show more content…
Instead of communicating, the teacher lectures and dictates and makes deposits which the students patiently receive, memorize, and repeat. Freire (2005) discusses the interplay between theory and practice and how internal and external influences effect our ability to learn as students and our ability to teach. Although he states that a teacher’s philosophies and actions should reflect one another, he notes that neither should be fixed because as educators we have to be in a state of constant self reflection. Educators must analyze and reflect on what effects external influences have on teaching methods and style. Such things as life experiences, the generational differences of opinion of the world around us, our religion and our parent’s influences will all impact our teaching practices. This is important because in many instances our interactions with the external world will not match up with the students and this can inhibit a student’s ability to learn. As educators, we need to model this type of reflective thinking and instill critical thinking into the students. Essentially, critical thinking is reflective thinking that is focused on deciding what to believe, do or communicate. It helps the students to gather, interpret and evaluate the information in order to come to a conclusion or a decision. Freire (2005) explains, “it is impossible to teach content without knowing how students think in the context of their daily

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