Paul Reinhold Jobs Case Study

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Paul Reinhold Jobs grew up on a dairy farm, however his father was an alcoholic and abusive at times. He had a calm and gentle personality. He had dropped out of high school and was mustered out of Coast Guard after World War II. Once he finished with that he made a bet with his friends that he would be able to find a wife in the next two weeks. He won that bet and got engaged to Clara Hagopian. Clara had a husband before but he was killed in war, so when she met Paul she wanted to start a new life. They didn’t have much money so they both moved to Paul’s parents house until he found a job. He found a job as a machinist for International Harvester. Clara suffered from eptopic pregnancy, which did not let her have kids. …show more content…
He had to skip a couple grades to get to his level of thinking. But still Steve was still very bored so he would entertain himself by pulling pranks and getting in trouble at school. His parents would never get mad until he went to high school. In high school Steve experimented with LSD and marijuana. Which is when his father started to get mad. During that time, Steve started to realize that he had a passion for electronics and technical design. Steve Wozniak was a computer technician who met Steve through a mutual friend in a garage. Later they would tell their stories of all the pranks they both pulled. They also shared their love of computers and Bob Dylan together. They both created a project called the Blue Box. It would let you make long-distance phone calls for free. The cost of one blue box to make was forty dollars and they sold them for one hundred and fifty dollars each. They sold almost a hundred but stopped after they got robbed of a blue box at gunpoint. “It was probably a bad idea selling them, but it gave us a taste of what we could do with my engineering skills and his vision” (page 9). Steve’s personality began developing after high school when he was trying LSD, Marijuana, and strange …show more content…
Steve would start designing The Power Mac G4 Cube, which was designed for real professionals. It was designed so amazingly it won a place in the Museum of Modern Art. Steve learned he had cancer in a urological exam. He approached it like he approached every other problem, by trying to fix it on his own and ignoring surgery. He eventually had to have the tumor removed through surgery. Steve saw that cellphones with cameras killed the digital camera market and he thought that it would happen with music players to. So gathered a team to create the first Apple cellphone. His cancer returned in two thousand and eight. His life was usually very private, but being the CEO of Apple made him have to disclose it to shareholders. He did get a liver transplant that same year. Steve always had the idea of a tablet, but he wanted to focus on the iPhone first. Once he finished with the iPhone he started focusing more on the iPad. Many people were not happy when they heard about it, but he sold over a million in the first month. But they sold fifteen million in the first nine months. Apple and Microsoft have always had battles but Steve hated them. He accused them of stealing his product. The iPad 2 had some changes but there was a lot of

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