Paul Rand 's Work, Style, And His Impact On Design Movement Essay

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The paper will talk about Paul Rand 's profession work, style, and his impact on design movement. Additionally, this paper will discuss the other designers in the modern movement that Paul Rand is associated with, including examples of how the postmodern or contemporary designers are influenced by artworks of Paul Rand. This paper will give a reader an understanding of why Paul Rand was considered to be one of the most important designers in the History of Graphic Design. Paul Rand was well known as an American art director, graphic designer, typographer, innovative businessman, and author. He was best known for his corporate identity logo for multiple companies. Also, Rand was known for his magazine and children’s book cover and designs, posters, textiles, packages, typefaces and book of Thoughts on Design. Rand was known for his contribution to the Swiss Style of visual communication in the Modern movement.
In the mid-1930s, Rand’s early career has started with his media advancement and magazine cover design, which allows him to gather a large portfolio that has introduced the “European modernism to American graphic design” (Editorial Staff). This career was influenced by the European designers and the German advertising style of Sachplakat and the work of Gustav Jenson, which has a large impact on many contemporary designers who worked for various magazines. According to the article of Thoughts on Rand, Steven Heller stated, “His early profession started with humble…

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