Paul Mccartney 's Transformation Of The Beatles Essay

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The Beatles were one of the most popular and influential rock and roll groups of all time. This iconic band blazed new trails for popular music through their relentless imaginative and experimental songs that caught attention on an international scale. The Beatles gained the hearts of millions in 1963, the start of Beatlemania, and continued to captivate their fans for the next seven years. Their total domination over the music industry remains unrivaled to this day due to their ability to communicate to their audience through sophisticated musical techniques and their beloved lyrics. We will now explore the Beatles, and more specifically Paul McCartney’s, transformation from their arrival on the music scene to their increasing fame in late 1965 into 1966.
All of the Beatles were phenomenal performers, and prided themselves in not only being able to sing remarkably, but also for writing their own material. Paul McCartney was noted as one of the most successful composers and performers of all time (Unterberger). McCartney became the de facto leader of the band after Brian Epstein’s death in 1967 and continued to try lead the band until it’s break up in 1970. McCartney contributed immensely to not only the instrumentation and vocals of the band, but he was also one of the main composers of the band’s songs. Let’s now examine three of McCartney’s biggest hits over three different periods in the group’s stylistic dynamic. We will be looking at “Can’t Buy Me Love”, from the…

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