Essay about Paul Mccartney 's Influence On Music

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Paul McCartney
There were a lot of changes in music during the 20th century. From the apparition of Blues and Jazz, to the origins of Rock n’ Roll, this century experimented a lot of innovations in music. Rock musicians such as Elvis and Chuck Berry inspired young people all over the world. This inspiration resulted in the creation of many new rock bands; some of them would change the history of music forever. Among all the different artists of that time, I decided to write about Paul McCartney. This artist, in particular, is considered as one of the most influential performers of music history.
Paul McCartney was born in Liverpool, England on June 18, 1942. His father was a Jazz player, and his mother was a maternity nurse. During his childhood, McCartney’s father was an important influence upon his music career. In fact, it was his father the one who encouraged him to play several different music instruments. In 1957, he met John Lennon at a church festival. Having a good feeling about Lennon, McCartney later decided to join his band, which at that time was called, “The Quarrymen.”
After some time, the band adopted a new name, “The Beatles.” It also had some new members such as George Harrison and Stuart Sutcliffe. The group started giving performances in Hamburg, Germany. After some obstacles in their way, the band met Brian Epstein, who signed as the band’s manager. The Beatles had a huge impact on popular music. They were considered the pioneers of the phenomena called…

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