Paul Mccartney: Mccartney's Influence On Music History

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Paul McCartney
There were a lot of changes in music during the 20th century. From the apparition of Blues and Jazz, to the origins of Rock n’ Roll, this century experimented a lot of innovations in music. Rock musicians such as Elvis and Chuck Berry inspired young people all over the world. This inspiration resulted in the creation of many new rock bands; some of them would change the history of music forever. Among all the different artists of that time, I decided to write about Paul McCartney. This artist, in particular, is considered as one of the most influential performers of music history.
Paul McCartney was born in Liverpool, England on June 18, 1942. His father was a Jazz player, and his mother was a maternity nurse. During his childhood,
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Dave Grohl (who was the drummer of Nirvana and then the founder of Foo Fighters) stated how this music influenced him. According to him, it was The Beatles who made him interested in music in the first place. At a young age, he bought a guitar and would practice with a Beatles songbook. This activity helped him to understand the different aspects of music.
Other popular musicians, such as Billie Joel have also stated how important The Beatles were in their careers. Joel said that watching The Beatles at The Ed Sullivan Show was one of the biggest moments that he could remember. According to Joel, one of his most requested-songs (“Scenes From an Italian Restaurant”) was based on side two of Abbey Road. He said that he put some individual pieces together, and then combined them in one single song.
The effect of Paul McCartney’s contribution to music doesn’t seem to be losing force. Every year, more and more artists are feeling inspired by the recordings of performers similar to McCartney. The more modern generation of musicians may not understand the importance of the 20th century music revolution. Nevertheless, it is a fact that the ideas introduced in that era influenced many of the following

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