Paul Beckmann-A Man Who Has Impacted The Lives Of Many?

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Paul Beckmann- A Man Who Has Impacted the Lives of Many I came into this class not understanding the meaning of entrepreneurship. I thought it was just a simple way to make a business and make a quick buck in the long run. I wasn’t sure if it was the experience I was looking for and I wanted more than what my major offered me. However, I realize there’s so much more. I came in contact with Paul Beckmann previously working on my business proposal for Surf Media. Paul uses different apps to help his professional as Digital Marketing Consultant for The Children’s Place and one of his suggestions to look at was HootSuite—a social media publishing tool—to compare my product to. It opened the door for me to look at different products to
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However, he found our talk a distraction and was happy to help out. His willingness to assist me demonstrated his character and is even reflected in his answers. Over all we discussed the importance of passion and embracing the changes that come along with forming a business. There were some funny anecdotes along the way as well. My favorite anecdote that Paul shared with me about his commitment was when a customer called in to have a helmet delivered. However, the business he was working at actually did not deliver items to customers. Yet, he rode on his bike and climb ten floors of stairs to deliver the helmet. He had no ulterior motive for helping the client expect to give his heart for something that he is passion for. He said seeing the child’s face when the door open and seeing the child smile was enough reason for why he did what he did. There was soul and heart in the work he tried to …show more content…
There’s a difference to doing something because someone told you to and another difference to be doing something because you are genuinely passionate and interested. I needed to find my passion and realize what I value and truly enjoy doing rather than going about almost robotically because I was told to. Paul wished that he had taken the time out in college to study subjects that matter to him most especially with business development that could have benefit him in the long run. In addition, he believes that skipping out on college would be one of the biggest risks an entrepreneur could

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