Paul's Case & the Rocking Horse Winner Essay

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“Paul’s Case” and “The Rocking Horse Winner” After reading “Paul’s Case” by Willa Cather and “The Rocking Horse Winner by D.H Lawrence the reader can realize these stories are warnings against materialism and the longing to have it all. Two different characters both by the name of Paul face a difficult situation, the desire to acquire more money. A substantial number of outside forces of both characters lead them to believe they need more than they already have. While feeling alienated the boys do harmful things to their body in order to feel accepted. Finally, because of the lack of money both Paul’s demoralize their character by lowering their values in seeking out the desired money. With substantial outside forces …show more content…
With the house constantly whispering to him, Paul feels that he and only he can quite the whispers. With his correct predictions of the winning horse he feels he can earn true love from his mother due to his luck, Paul troubles himself to continue making money. While being in the comforts of his own house the whispers grow louder and with more rage "there must be more money!- more than ever! More than ever!"(812.) With the Derby right around the corner Paul feels his next big chance of earnings would be during that time. Isolating himself from the actual horse races and in the confides of his own room, two nights before the Derby Paul restlessly rides his horse. He waits until after his mother has parted from the house and after dark, fiercely rides his horse. Upon his mother's arrival to check on Paul she hears a familiar noise "Yet she couldn't place it. She couldn't say what it was. And on and on it went like a madness" (814.) Once she opens Paul’s door he falls to the ground. Paul correctly predict the winning horse, but due to over exhaustion from the ridding the horse, he dies. Had Paul not felt the alienations of being singled out in his family as the one who could hush the whispers he would have not put so much energy into his ridding horse, ultimately saving himself from destruction. Paul in "Paul's Case" was older than Paul from "The Rocking

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