Patty Hearst Trial

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Have you ever been held hostage by the Symbionese Liberation Army (S.L.A.)? Patty Hearst was. Have you ever robbed a bank, been in court, or been kidnapped? Patty Hearst has done all of those things. Patty was kidnapped, and she claimed that her kidnappers forced her to commit horrible crimes. The outcome of her trial said different however. When Patty Hearst was found guilty in court, she did indeed commit the crimes on her own free will, she pronounced herself a member of the Symbionese Liberation Army,she robbed a bank, and she was giving commands and providing cover for her fellow Symbionese Liberation Army members.

One of the big questions is why Patty Hearst, the answer is easy. It was Patty Hearst because of her family history. Her
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They started a massive search, following any lead they got. It was tough, however, because the Symbionese Liberation Army scared all of the informants into submission. Then the FBI finally caught a break. On May 16 ,1975 two members of the Symbionese Liberation Army were almost caught shoplifting again. However the people escaped. Later however, the getaway car was discovered, leading the FBI to the location of the Symbionese Liberation Army warehouse. The next day the whole place was surrounded by policemen. By the end of the day, the warehouse was in flames, and six Symbionese Liberation Army members were killed. Among the six was the Symbionese Liberation Army’s leader Donald DeFreeze (FBI).

In all the commotion, Hearst and several other members of the Symbionese Liberation Army escaped from the warehouse. It took the FBI a couple of months to locate Hearst and the others, but on September 18, 1975 the FBI finally found and arrested Patty Hearst. The final two of the Symbionese Liberation Army members were finally found and arrested in 1999 and 2002
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His argument consisted of his own personal analysis after meeting with Patty Hearst several times. He concluded that her behavior did not have to do with being brainwashed, but was because she had an “unhappy childhood, resentful of her wealthy socialite parents and disenchanted with her fiancé. ( New York Times)” He decided that overall she was “ a rebel in search of a cause.” Then when she was kidnapped she found a cause and acted for it in a violent way (New York Times).

The final argument brought up against Patty Hearst was based off a drawing by Patty for Kozol of the place she was supposedly held captive. When Patty drew the picture she drew everything from bathroom to windows to rooms, but she failed to draw the closet she was supposedly locked in for several weeks. This led to the conclusion that as soon as she entered the Symbionese Liberation Army, a few days after the kidnapping, she was no longer a captive. Therefore, the closet held no significant memories of hardship, torture, or pain (New York

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