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Darrien Baylor

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1 April 2014
History of the New England Patriots Today I will be writing about the research I have found on the best teams in the NFL in my option. This team has won numerous Superbowls broken countless NFL records but always maintains to stay humble when explaining a win or lost in a press conference. This team shows finesse and creativity on the field. The New England Patriots or the Pats as the team is also know as is my favorite team n the NLF. It will be my pleasure and my honor to share with the life, upbringing and downfalls of this organization. Professional football arrived in New England on Nov. 16, 1959, when a group of local businessmen, led by former public relations executive
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(Jeff Howe[->0] of Boston Heral After two straight Super Bowl Championships the Patriots began to see the negative side of success . they lost both coordinators to head coaching jobs as Defensive Coordinator. The defense also took a hit a Ty Law was not re-signed he was one of the greatest corners the team has had in a long time. Ted Johnson retired, as Tedy Bruschi began the season with his career in doubt after suffering a mild stroke in the off-season. Patriots would suffer the first of many early setbacks as they were beaten 27-17 by the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl XXXVIII rematch. After a dramatic 23-20 road win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Patriots would see their home winning streak come to a crashing end as they were unable to stop LaDainian Tomlinson who rushed for 134 yards and two Touchdowns in a 41-17 win for the San Diego Chargers. As the Patoriots are just trying to get over a upsetting loss the organization as a whole would suffer as the uvaleing of what was known as the Spygate Scandal. On Sept. 9, 2007 Matt Estrella who was an intern with the Patriots was caught filming the signals of the New York Jets[->1] defensive coaches, which is against league rules. After reviewing the tapes, the league imposed a $500,000 fine on coach Bill Belichick, the maximum fine allowed under the rules. The Patriots were fined $250,000. () Although the league was later

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