Patriotism In Thomas Jefferson's Declaration Of Independence

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Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence The foundation of the United States was built from the ink of a pen. The Declaration of Independence was signed during the enlightenment era or known as the age of reason. Colonies were in disagreements over feudalism and wanted to establish a democracy where citizens choose their leader. The signers of the Declaration were pioneers of America and felt as though England his mistreated them and would not comprise after many attempts. The document outlined many of the problems that settlers were having with British ruling and mentions the abuse. The Declaration of Independence served as the foundation to which America was born on, with ideas pulled from the Enlightenment one can’t help but to think of this document as the spark that started that could have help persuaded others to join the revolutionary war and perhaps one of the most important pieces of …show more content…
Many scholars and educators would come to surface in America but few would have the impact of Jefferson and the Declaration of independence. Jefferson proves his patriotism when he says “people who mean to be free. Future ages will scarcely believe that the hardiness of one man adventured. within the short compass of twelve years only. to lay a foundation so broad and so undisguised for tyranny over a people fostered and fixed principles of freedom.” (Jefferson P 666) Here is is particularizing calling out the king and saying that he is unfit to govern free people an because of his actions against these same free people they have formed a more better union in the name of freedom, mankind and equality. America has many time been described as the melting pot in our diverse world. Even though we do have many nationalities in present day this was not always the case. The eighteenth century brought many changes to the new world including a boast in population, literature and

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