Patriotism In The Reluctant Fundamentalist By Mohsin Hamid

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The Reluctant Fundamentalist is written by Mohsin Hamid, who is Pakistani novelist. In the book, Hamid puts his experience to characterize the protagonist, Changez. Like Hamid, Changez is from Pakistan, comes to the United States, and graduates from Princeton University. Some readers think Changez is a reliable narrator. Actually, it is true because he is smart and well-detailed descriptions in most of the situations that he is involved in. However, Changez is an unreliable narrator because he shows strong emotions to be reliable in his harmful situation. When people fall in love, really upset, or angry, people become thinking emotionally and unreliable. Even though he is not reliable, it still reveals the author’s purpose that the negative …show more content…
In The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Changez shows all of the buildings has the flags that symbolizes America in the street of New York, and he comments, “ in [his] opinion, the means something quite different -- the mightiest civilization the world has ever known; you have slighted us; beware our wrath.” Not only surprising, but also he evaluates that their patriotism is making the other countries people uncomfortable : “ I wondered what manner of host would sally forth from so grand a castle” (Hamid 79). Though this, Changez keeps saying how his feel is confused and becoming the strangers, which Hamid demonstrates his opinion about that American patriotism is too much to feel comfortable for visitors. Especially, New York is World Trade Center, or the center of the international market, which means that many foreign businessmen would visit. And, Hamid argues that it gives discomfort rather than comfort to visitors or newcomers in this point. In the book, Changez watches, when the enemies of the United States are against each other, the Americans laugh about it. He would understands a little bit about that, if the enemies flight each other, it makes to reduce the wasting of munitions: “ Do you feel no joy at the video clips of American munitions laying waste the structures of your enemies?” (Hamid 73). However, he is angry about laughing. When the twin towers are attacked by the terrorists, Changez smiles and thinks that that serves them right. Though Changez’s emotion about this situation, Hamid highlights his opinion about the patriotism of

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