Joan Of Arc's Divine Mission

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As discussed earlier, religion was a powerful driving force in France during the Hundred’s Year War. The multiple events leading up to Joan of Arc presenting to the Dauphin had left the French army discouraged and with poor morale. The people of France and the military were looking for a divine intervention and found it in Joan. Joan built trust in her troops through her confidence in the visions and voices directing her mission, her patriotism, her fearlessness, and integrity. She was at the front of every attack she had ordered and returned to the battlefield despite injuries. A devout Christian, she stressed the importance of righteous character, scolding soldiers and fellow commanders for foul language and forcing all of the prostitutes …show more content…
It was said she praised the towns that withstood English attacks or were taken by force, but showed only disdain towards those that surrendered without a fight. Despite two injuries at the attack on St. Loup and Les Tourelles, she returned to the battle despite the pain and the risk to her own life. She also had several swords given to her over her short military career, but it was said she never drew her own sword but instead rode into battle with only her banner making her vulnerable to enemy attacks. Her divine mission was of sole importance to her and she willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, her own life, to see the mission …show more content…
Despite a lack of military training, Joan was able to build the trust of her countrymen and the French soldiers, provide clear commander’s intent, and accepted prudent risk to successfully complete her mission. While she may have struggled to build trust with her commanders, they were able to work effectively together to lift the siege of Orléans. This battle was important as it turned the tide in the Hundred’s Years War and stopped the English from invading and seizing all of

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