Patrick Pearse Research Paper

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Patrick Pearse

1. Who was this leader (relevant biographical information)?

Patrick Pearse was a key leader in the Easter Rising (Irish rebellion against British rule). He was an Irish man living in the late 1800s to early 1900s (1879-1916). (Green, He was a nationalist and firmly believed that Ireland should be its own country. He was a member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood (a group that wanted to use force to break the link with England). Pearse was executed at the age of 36 in Dublin, Ireland. After his death, he became the personification of the uprising against England. (White, E-Study Guide For: Terrorism and Homeland Security)

2. How did he come into a position of power or influence?
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(BBC, Militant nationalist were attracted to the club. Pearse realized that it would take more than education of the Irish culture to split away from England. (Green, He became a member of the Supreme Council of Irish Republican Brotherhood. He climbed up the ranking in the secret organization. He planned many of the preparations for the Easter Rising. The group orchestrated the Easter Rising, and the leader of IRB (Irish Republican Brotherhood), Tom Clarke, appointed Patrick Pearse as the spokesperson. He was also named Commandant-General of the Army of the Irish Republic and President of the Provisional Government. (BBC, Because Pearse was an excellent speaker, he read the Proclamation of the Irish Republic at the Easter

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