Patrick Lencioni's The Five Temptations Of A CEO

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Patrick Lencioni’s book: The Five Temptations of a CEO introduces and explains negative behaviors, referred to as temptations, that leaders often face in the business world. It is crucial that these temptations are stayed clear of, in order to find ultimate success in the long run. Beneficial to the learning of these lessons, Lencioni uses storytelling to illustrate his powerful lessons, along with painting pictures to help facilitate the understanding of the complex challenges of leadership into small, digestible insights. He states within his writing that the key to success is not to avoid temptations altogether, while it is what we as leaders desire, it inevitably is impossible. The key to said success is to embrace the ability to self-examine and reveal temptations and address them as caught; and …show more content…
CEO’s so often want to ensure that their decisions are correct, but without a sense of timeliness decisions cannot be made to a positive effect of the company. In order to be able to uphold the attitude of section two, you have to have a sense of clarity to hold an individual accountable. However, if one has the ability to be doubtlessly certain, then it is impossibly to hold someone accountable. When these actions are seen in everyday situations, it can be seen and taken advantage of as a loophole in leadership abilities. For the company, once a vision is in place, all things that are conducted within the business should work to empower that vision. Without being able to state a company vision, work instructed by the CEO, shows that he has succumbed to this temptation. In order to avoid this, a leader needs to find a healthy balance between certainty and clarity. These battles remind the CEO that answers and results are not supposed to come easy, they take work and determination; but they should come – regardless of circumstances. Some sort of action is necessary to be envisioned and

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