Patrick Henry: 1775 At The Virginia Convention

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I support the argument that Patrick Henry gave on March 23,1775 at the Virginia Convention. I totally agree that he was right about going to war against British, I believe that war was the only choice that Virginia had to freeing their people from the British Control. People from Virginia has been under the rule of British, they had to believe not just on Patrick Henry but in their right and freedom of their people.

First of all British had all the power against Virginia, British would said that they want to make peace and live freely with Virginia, but if they really meant it they would be preparing for war. People should never believe or trust someone, they might be telling you what you want to hear, but as people turn their backs to them, they would punch you and kill you, as Henry said in his speech, “ warlike preparation which cover over water and darken our water” (37-38) He Ray was using logos to explain that British would betray them as soon as they can, and that they have to be ready.
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They had to do something for their country and people, Patrick Henry use logos and emotional appeal to explain this quote on his speech, “but as for me gave me liberty or give me death” as Patrick and Virginia’s propel is willing to fight and go to war against british to get their right,freedom, liberty and

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