Patrick Dewitt 's The Sisters Brothers Essay

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Patrick deWitt’s The Sisters Brothers (2011): a satirical deviation from the cowboy western genre
“The Wild West has always enticed the readers’ imagination” (Vanja 128). This research paper explores the context of Patrick deWitt’s The Sisters Brothers (2011). DeWitt’s use of a “stylized abstraction of western speech” (Vernon 1) offers its readers a respite from everyday life. Although it follows the traditional scheme of a cowboy western genre, the novel has certain innovations of its own (Vanja 130). The novel is narrated in a gritty 19th Century western speech, which although is sharp and distinctive, allows the story to not always be serious yet not always be funny, making the novel entertaining. One innovation that Patrick deWitt brings to the Western genre, is the ability to transition from serious to comic without the story losing meaning, or shifting in nature. The novel being parody like at times, works to help further distinguish the contrast present between the two protagonist brothers, Eli and Charlie Sisters. It is evident that Eli doesn 't share his brother 's appetite for whiskey and killing, as he is not fond of their mission, however he has never known anything else (Vanja 134). During the course of the novel Eli begins to question what he does for a living, and whom he does it for. Furthermore, it is revealed that Eli is tired of his profession and wants to retire and become the owner of a trading post. Several unexpected turns in plot, and the style in…

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