Patricia Caceres Analysis

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Aiming to motivate others, let them learn more about her story, what she had experienced and found out in the choice she made, this is a story that made Patricia Caceres who she is now. The moment when Patricia found out about her true self was 3 years ago, when she went into a public, co-ed university after being in an all girls school since pre-school. Patricia Caceres was born in Venezuela, South America. Ever since preschool, she has been in an all girls school until she went to university, where she had to go to a co-ed school due to her major, Engineering. Being in an all girls school is more comfortable, and secure, because she knew everyone at the school and she was familiar being in an all girls school. Usually when she ends school, …show more content…
But to Patricia, not having friends had a huge impact on her. She went through a slump period, where she no longer cared about anything; her grades were deteriorating, uncertain if it’s due to the course being too tough or due to her not having friends. She just went from home to school and school back home. Whenever she felt depressed, she would talk to her high school friends and it made her feel better because she could vent out her frustrations, about how she’s unable to make new friends and how it bothered her. Patricia would always feel better after talking to her friends because they would always give her good advice. “Don’t dwell on it too much,”(Patricia 1) “you’ll eventually find some friends there,”(Patricia 2) are some examples of advices that they would give her. Even though she took her friend’s advices, but she still felt bitter and hurt for not being able to make new friends. Whenever she looked around in the classroom, she would see that everyone was in their own groups, their own cliques and it was only her that’s alone. She was bothered by it. She wondered how, and what helped them in becoming friends. She knew that she could ask if she could join them, but she didn’t. Because she felt intimidated, because of what her society had taught her, because of her pride in herself, because she knew that she could do

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