Patriarchy Is Defined As A System Of Society And Government Essay

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Patriarchy is defined as a system of society and government in which males have the majority of the power and women are excluded. Society is organized in a way which makes patriarchy a societal norm in which males control women and their, “Supremacy of the father in the clan or family, the legal dependence of wives and children,” (Merriam Webster). Man are able to act in a derogatory manner towards women, where sexual harassment has become a normative action and had been regarded to as harmless flirting, where females are often blamed for the unwelcomed attention. In Beth A. Quinn’s article, Sexual Harassment and Masculinity, the author discusses the notion of girl watching and how it has become an accepted norm and is utilized to produce masculinity. The author stated that men regard catcalling as, “Harmless flirtation of sexual interest rather than harassment,” (Quinn, 2014, pg. 531) however Quinn states that, “Patriarchal norms create a sexually aggressive belief system…[that] can lead to the propensity to misperceive,” (Quinn, 2014, pg. 531). Girl watching has been utilized by men to create a male bond, when men are able to solidify their masculinity and their heterosexuality by objectifying women as sexual objects and not showing any sympathy towards them. Men are unable to place themselves in the female perspective to fully understand the secondary effects of being sexually harassed – where women are constantly being belittled by their male counterpart. In the…

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