The Odyssey Feminist Analysis

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Depictions of women in stories are altered because of their association with men. For example, illustrates Circe as evil due to her hatred of men and actions. Calypso is illustrated as selfish and seductive due to her and Odysseus’ hearts disagreeing. Finally, the suitors deem Penelope as sly by the suitors because of her undying loyalty to Odysseus. In the patriarchal society, The Odyssey is told in, women are categorized as simple, one-dimensional characters whilst men are the complicated ones. The goddess and enchantress Circe is an evil seductress, but so is every woman who despises men in a patriarchal society. The reasons which drive Circe to react to her hatred is shrouded in mystery as The Odyssey presents her as villainous. Odysseus’ …show more content…
In a patriarchal society the ideal wife is a loyal one. However, loyalty can also make men upset as seen in The Odyssey. The suitors strongly believe they are entitled to forcing Penelope’s hand in marriage, and are not afraid to publicly state,“It’s not the suitors here who deserve the blame, it’s you own dear mother, the matchless queen of cunning”(2, 94-95) to an audience and Telemachus. With Odysseus gone the suitors show no real caring for Penelope, as does a patriarchal society to women in general. The ideal qualities in a women make no difference to separate them from villainous, selfish, and sly nymphs, goddesses, and monsters. Referring to a previous point made, it is commonly acknowledged men are bold and masculine when unloyal. Views on women being unloyal are sinful, tainted, and shameful. When Odysseus returns home from his long journey, he first kills the suitors. After all the hard work is done, Odysseus proceeds to, “slash out all their lives-blot out of their minds the joys of love they relished”(22, 468-469) to all the maids who slept with the suitors; contradicting his own actions with Circe and Calypso. The brutal deaths given to the maids are a prime example on how women are viewed in a patriarchal society. Women are either lustful, loyal, or villainous one-dimensional characters. Penelope proves to be an example on how women are only favorable when pleasing men, no matter what desirable traits they

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