Essay about Patriarchy As A Monopoly On Power And Women

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Patriarchy, “the social structure in which men are considered to have a monopoly on power and women are to submit”(The Origins of Patriarchy), is a belief of many during ancient times where there is a difference of power between males and females. The start of patriarchy is seem to have begun between the Mesolithic Era and Neolithic Era and has developed further on causing great inequality and suffering to women. Many factors has led to this great division in sex, but the two main causes was the separation of role and labor in society and images of male as more aggressive and powerful through religion which were both caused by the Neolithic revolution. As a result, sexual inequality further developed and influenced the beliefs of others and by the time civilization started the role of men and women already had great significant differences.

The Paleolithic Era, also known as the “Old Stone Age”, began around 2.5 million years ago and ended approximately in 12,000 B.C.E. During this era work and labor was divided fairly and resources and food were also divided equally. There was no inequality between the gender and based on the title, “Human Prehistory to the Early Civilization” from World History in Brief, it states, “Women who gathered fruits and vegetables, worked harder but there was significant equality between the sexes based on common economic contributions.” As time went on, the human species began to develop and evolve slightly and around 750,000 years ago the…

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