Patriarchal Control During The Age Of Modernity Essay

1434 Words Nov 28th, 2016 6 Pages
Alexandro Garcia
Mrs. Kehrmeyer
AP Language, Period 1
27 November, 2016
Patriarchal Control During the age of modernity, our society has been under a patriarchal social system that has oppressed women in all aspects of society. Patriarchal society is something that has been the main concern that feminist have tried to overcome. Someone who has been involved in the realm of feminism is Donald Hall, who wrote in his book Literary and Cultural Theory that“focuses intensely on gender (the social roles performed by the sexes) and explores the complex ways in which women have been denied social power and the right to various forms of self-expression, the man” ( 199). This methodology has led to the creation of feminist analysis, which Hall defines as “ The recognition of the different degrees of social power that are granted to and exercised by women” ( 199). This has changed over the years because of the amount of support for equality for women, which has affected everyday life because women play a key part in the continuous prosperity of society. However, in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, there were few people who wrote about the inequality of women like Kate Chopin and Charlotte Perkins Gilman. These authors wrote about the standards imposed on women and the psychological state that women were nn when they were oppressed by a patriarchal society. The narrators and protagonists of these texts have both their similarities and differences in how they viewed…

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