Patient Safety : The Art And Science Of Nursing Essay example

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Patient Safety: The Art and Science of Nursing

Patient safety has received significant attention since publication of the Institute of Medicine’s (2000) report “To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System”. Nurses provide interventions to help patients “be” safe. Being safe is not necessarily the same as feeling safe (Mollon, 2014). Feeling safe is a primary need for hospitalized patients (Hupcey, 2000; Mollon, 2014; Wassenaar, Schouten, & Schoonhoven, 2014). The purpose of this paper is to consider the concept of “being” and “feeling” safe using a hermeneutical approach. The paper concludes that nurses are the most important factor in patient perceptions of feeling safe. Thus, a call to action is issued for nurses, even all health care providers, to attend not only to the science of health care in helping patients be safe, but also the art of health care in helping patients feel safe.
Hermeneutics is the interpretation of experiences (de Araujo, Paz, & Moreira, 2012; Wood & Giddings, 2005). The German philosopher Martin Heidegger explored the understanding of experiences as they were encountered by the person (Laverty, 2003). For Heidegger, interpretation was essential to understanding (Laverty, 2003). He explored the ontology of “being” (Smythe, 2003) or the meaning of experiences (Ekeh, 2016). He asserted the human experience itself was an interpretation (Laverty, 2003). This interpretation is based on

Experiences can be an objective or…

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