Essay on Patient Safety Issues Of Health Care Facilities

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Top Patient safety issues in Health Care Facility
As clients and patient’s expectations rise, patient care becomes more difficult finding that outdated approaches to defining, organizing, and operating quality assurance functions are no longer suitable. More and more, health care organization are becoming devoted that improving quality needs a comprehensive approach. Continuous quality improvement of all kinds improve performance through reducing poor quality delivery of service rather than through trying to repair the results after service delivered. Every year thousands of patients in the united states suffer and die from an infection they quarried despite the fact in the hospital. Reducing the risk of infection, as well as other potential risks, such as surgical complication, medication errors and incorrect diagnosis at health care facility is crucial in ensuring a high quality of care and keeping the organization’s status. Patient safety is a serious issue. While lookout events continue to happen in hospitals and health care facilities, the bottom line is no one wants patients getting hurt. The use of technology and safety systems have lowered some of safety issues and improved outcomes. However, much of the load for safe care lies medical doctor’s nurses and other health care providers interact with these patients while they are hospitalized.
Hospital acquired infections: Hospital acquired infection are both widespread and expensive. According to the Centers for…

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