Essay on Patient Safety Being At The Forefront Of Hospitals

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With patient safety being at the forefront of hospitals’ priority, it’s imperative for administration to implement infection control protocols. The practice of preventive measures along with staff education is necessary in the reduction of hospital liability, extended inpatient stays and loss in revenue. Although some strategies are standard throughout hospital organizations, data and con-stant monitoring of these procedures will provide insight into compliant areas or those that may need further improvement. According to an article found on the Center for Disease Control’s website, “Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in hospitals impose significant economic con-sequences on the nation’s healthcare system. With an incidence of approximately 4.5 HAIs for every 100 hospital admissions, the annual direct costs in the healthcare system were estimated to be $4.5 billion in 1992 dollars. Adjusting for the rate of inflation using the CPI for all urban con-sumers, this estimate is approximately $6.65 billion in 2007 dollars” (Douglas, 2009, pg.1).

What is a Hospital Acquired Infection?

HAI’s or hospital-acquired infections are defined as an infection contracted while being treated or immediately following another condition in a hospital setting. Usually this infection develops within 48 hours of admission. The cases are considered an increasing concern, estimating 1 out of the top 10 causes of death in the U.S. Cases have occurred by contracting bacteria with…

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