Patient Needs Pain Medicine At A Hospital Essay

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Topic thing Hospitals are large facilities and require a lot of people to work in them. They need physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and many other doctors that specialize in areas. Another type of person hospitals need are volunteers. Even though volunteers don’t have degrees, they still are able to work in places in the hospitals. The volunteers are able to work wherever in the hospital they desire, as long as space allows it. I was interested in volunteering at a hospital because even though I haven’t been in the hospital, I have had family members that were. My mother is one person that has had several surgeries and every time I am in the hospital with her, I always have so many questions. What do all of these machines do? How do nurses know exactly when a patient needs pain medicine? Being a volunteer is interesting at a hospital is interesting because of all the history of hospitals that have accumulated into Portneuf Medical Center, the process of being a volunteer, and actually volunteering.
One of the hospitals local to our Pocatello area is the Portneuf Medical Center was founded in October of 2002. The goal of this organization is to better the health of the general public. This local medical center is a combination of two hospitals: Bannock Memorial Hospital and Pocatello Regional Medical Center. Bannock Memorial Hospital was built in 1951 to replace Pocatello General Hospital. Pocatello General Hospital was originally St. Anthony Mercy’s Hospital which…

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