Patient Navigation Is A Process That An Individual Guides Essay

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Patient Navigation Patient navigation is a process that an individual guides the patient through healthcare journey of treatments, financial process; help with cultural change, communication barriers, healthcare system, transportation issues and fear (Freeman, 2004). The patient navigation profession became known in 1990 when Dr. Harold P. Freeman founded the first patient navigation program in order to make sure his cancer patients had a good clinical experience (Freeman, 2013). Over the decade, “the patient navigation profession has become more popular, demanding and rapidly growing in healthcare” (ACS,2015). The patient navigation profession did have any formal guidelines or standard competencies until 2009. (Shockney, 2015). _____ Patient navigators work with patient and their families to help them understand and manage the healthcare system (Dolan, Wolter, Heet). Patient navigators make sure the patient receives competent care which consist of confidential, respect, compassion and making sure the patient is safe (Freeman, 2004). Patient navigator responsibilities consist of a variety of roles such as scheduling appointments and follow-up appointments in timely manner, being patient’s advocate, patient support system, obtaining financial resources and help patient with culture change (Dolan, Wolter, Heet). Gentry (2015) stated to “think of a patient navigator as a partner who is focused on enhancing their personalized and individual care.”
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