Patient Intake And Reception Methods Essay

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I. Introduction.
Every state has a different system within their prisons when it comes to their intake and reception methods. However, every system needs the same basic regulations in order to make sure operations stay running smoothly and safely. This includes the way they classify inmates, admission population limitations, medical concerns, etc.
II. Functions and Classifications.
According to the National Institute of Corrections, there is a “core set of prisoner intake functions” that all prisons follow, which includes:
• Identifying prisoner. This is the start of the intake process. Several prisons are either male or female populated, they rarely house both genders in the same facilities. This process also includes taking the inmates’ fingerprints, pictures, and an “inventory” of their personal items. This is initially where the institution may start separating inmates to different housing options after reviewing their case and perhaps conducting an interview with the inmate.
• Developing their record. The receptionist starts a file for each prisoner with the information taken from the initial intake.
• Conducting medical/mental health assessments. This is to determine if the inmate needs to be on certain medication or are in need of whichever extra services for any chronic ailments or health issues that they must keep under control. These assessments may also determine if an inmate should be housed separately from the general population. This can generally apply to the…

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