Essay on Patient Health Care And Discharge Planning

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Hospital Length of Stay
Norma Valdez-Rosa
South University Online
March 8, 2016

Introduction Prolonged hospital length of stays can increase costs not only for the patient but more so for the hospital. A multidisciplinary approach to patient health care and discharge planning is very important to help with this financial burden. When discharge barriers are identified on admission or soon after, it will help in reducing unnecessary hospital length of stays.
Article Reviews Several studies have been done regarding the hospital length of stays using the original or variations on the Appropriateness Evaluation Protocol (AEP). Other studies have identified limitations surrounding the measurement of delayed discharge and its causes (Majeed et al, 2012). Some of the problems that have been identified as a delay in discharge occur when there is miscommunication among colleagues and the different disciplines. Other barriers to discharge that have also been identified as a delay in discharge are due to lack of availability of post discharge facilities or waiting for second opinions, tests and procedures. These delays increase the length of stay for patients costing the patients and the hospital hundreds of dollars a day. In the past, patients would stay in the hospital until most of their medical issues were diagnosed and treated. In contrast, there is presently an emphasis on stabilizing the patient, minimizing the duration of hospitalization, and…

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