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Patient description
The patient is a 37-year-old Caucasian female with a history of asthma, breast biopsies, contusion to head with LOC, HPV, and Hypothyroidism, who was admitted to the hospital after assaulting her mother and stepfather. She is diagnosed with bipolar I disorder with current or most recent episode of mania.
History of present illness Patient states, “I have been suffering for 20yrs, dated a guy for 6yrs and was raped every day. I always put myself in mental institutions for bipolar disorder”. Patient came to the hospital voluntarily. She had a pelvic surgery for endometriosis on the 11th of August 2015. Patient reports having excruciating pain in her hip and her bones feel like they are breaking from inside. Patient has been taking abilify for 10yrs without difficulty then she was given dilaudid after surgery. Her stepfather reported a reaction between abilify and dilaudid; patient became more agitated and manic appearing. She assaulted her mother and stepfather recently, increase in volatile mood swings, psychomotor agitation, impulsive, and erratic behavior. Patient was told to decrease her abilify from 20mg BID to 10mg BID. Stepfather reports patient has been escalating since medication change. She is not sleeping and is acting bizarrely, including singing and shouting while all windows were opened. She has also reportedly sent messages to psychiatrist and friends that she did not feel safe in her parent’s house. Patient had unprovoked attack on mother…

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