Patient Complaints Are A Common Problem Within The Medical Field

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Patient complaints are a common problem within the medical field. Patients are incurably asking the hospital to be treated like humans while neglecting to treat the medical team with the same respect. According to an article published in the Nursing Times, (Chapman, Styles, Perry, & Combs, 2010), 90 percent of nurse’s experience either verbal abuse or physical abuse. Although, many nurses don’t report the abuse. The healthcare team see abuse as part of their job. Clearly, there needs to be a better way of protecting of the medicine team. The increase in patient violence against health care workers occurred the same time as the increase in narcotics being abuse. Statics from the Bureau of Labor reports that 70 percent of emergency department nurses are physically abused by combative patients. (Zimlich, 2014 para. 7) Patients that are prescribed a narcotic are usually prescribed psychotropic drugs. Chronic pain tends to be a result from numerous other disorders. Intoxicated patients are notorious for coming in tied down with restraints to the stretcher. In 1980, 22 emergency room doctors were killed by patients that are connected to drug and alcohol. (Savage, 2014 para.7)
The patients room is the most dangerous place for a health professional. 82 percent of patient attacks occur in the patient room. (Auty, 2011, para. 3) Work place violence is look at as a violent crime that requires a response. However, the medical team is not allowed to respond while the attack is…

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