Patient Centered Plan Of Care For Carla Jackson Essay

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Patient Centered Plan of Care for Carla Jackson
NDX: Imbalanced Nutrition: More than Body Requirements r/t excess calorie intake and decreased activity expenditure.

1. Ms. Jackson is a 55 years old widow. Her husband just passed away a few months ago.
2. Ms. Jackson has not worked outside the home in more than 30 years.
3. Ms. Jackson has lost interest in her usually physical activities. Also she no longer attends her swimming yoga class, and she does not see the couples she and her husband had as mutual friends.
4. Ms. Jackson says she is bored and depressed, and “I hate how I’m beginning to look.” Her height is 5 ft 2 in, and she weights 160lbs (BMI=29.3). She says, “I have gained 15 lbs just in the last 2 months.”
5. Ms. Jackson says that her eating habits have changed: “It doesn’t seem worth the trouble to cook a meal now. I just snack on whatever is handy-chips, cookies, ice cream. If I crave ‘real’ food, I buy a fast-food burger or something.”
6. Ms. Jackson’ lab results are all normal.
7. Ms. Jackson asks the nurse to help her find a way to lose weight.

Ms. Jackson has changed her lifestyle, such as eating habit, physical activity and so on after her husband was expired. Also, she is depressed and bored. In addition, she doesn’t satisfy with her look. She is asking for help to lose weight during her annual physical check-up.

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