Patient Care Delivery Model Analysis Essay

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Patient Care Delivery Model While looking at the care delivery model, there must be an acknowledgment for the type of needed and the care we intend to deliver. The Memorial Hermann organization believes that optimal health and personal care model lead patient care, and within this care model includes patient a family centered care. The nursing care delivery system is based on a caring model, combining the beliefs of nursing theorists, and engrained in the three A’s – authority, accountability, and autonomy. Our nurses have the authority to use nursing knowledge, skills, assessments, and standard of care to support a safe healing environment. Accountability to accept responsibility for their actions. The nurses also have the autonomy to make decisions bed on evidence based practice to improve patient safety and quality outcomes. The foundation of the nursing care delivery system/caring model include organizational and managerial structure, interdisciplinary collaboration, nonclinical supports, clinical supports, evidence based practice, and clinical advancement and recognition. The professional nursing practice model is made up with hallmarks for forming and sustaining a professional nursing work environment. Those hallmarks include nurses as clinicians, nurses as collaborators, nurses as advocates, nurses as innovators, nurses as teachers, and nurses as leaders. Nurses as clinicians’ means that the nurses have to exhibit clinical knowledge, clinical judgment,…

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