Patient Care And Patient Ratio Essay

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One of the major issues in the profession of nursing today is whether or not an adequate nurse to patient ratio is of importance to the quality of patient care and patient safety; the overall outcome. Over the past decades, there have been many controversies about the shortage of nurses to patients and how nurses would get overworked and do overtime. This would then reflect on the effect that this shortage has on quality of care and safety of patients, whether in a hospital setting or not. There have been many studies done that support the importance of nurse to patient ratio; however, there have been studies done that do not support the nurse to patient ratio pertaining to quality of patient care and patient safety. (many controversies on this issue)The following peered review research studies include approaches that have been taken to support the positive and negative outcome of nurse to patient ratio. The development for nurse to patient ratio started after WWI when a modern hospital had been established. Acute patient care moved from home to hospital as well as private care where nurses had to follow their patients into the hospital setting and eventually become a permanent staff member (Reverby, 1987). After World War II, new technologies came into picture in hospital settings such as cardiac monitors, ventilators, and intravenous drugs. This required nurses to be trained in the field of expertise because patients would require higher intensity of nursing care. This…

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