Patience Vs. Patience Essay

829 Words Jan 21st, 2016 4 Pages
Patience. It is not something someone can achieve greatly. However, out of all the traits in the world, this is one people want to strive for. People want to be able to be patient and know that they can get through anything, even on rough days. On the other hand, patience is one that someone cannot just grasp in. It is something that someone has to be willing to give. So if someone has patience, how do they know if they have it? Is it a thought or a feeling? And if someone can not pursue this, how can they achieve this?
In my understanding, I believe that patience is the ability to be able to wait for whatever it may be that you are doing and to have a calm and positive state of mind. Another way I like to look at it is being able to wait, even during difficult times. It is being able to be confident with yourself. Just consider it this way, think of a time in your life when you gave up, lost control, and did not care about what was happening around you. Were you confident about that person? Did you wait and give it time? Most people that end up giving up these traits lack one quality in themselves in which most people call: Patience.
Although you may see that everyone treats everyone in different ways, many times people do not understand that this quality is important when it comes to communication. If one cannot control themselves while another individual is presenting their thoughts, than they would need help to achieve in other words; patience. Also, in most cases,…

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