Don T Express Yourself As A Writer Analysis

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On a rainy Thursday afternoon,
I walk into the conference room where our class was supposed to be for Rachel Hadas’s visit. I asked myself, “what am I going to learn from her about writing?”. My expectations for her visit would be simpler advice, but as I listen to her, she gave me a few advices in a different way that I didn’t expect. After meeting her, my ways on how I write improved through her various advices. There were some advices Rachel Hadas gave me that could help me become a better writer.

First, she said. “All because your writing is neat; it doesn’t mean that your paper is good”. Most of the time, I tend to write bullshit on most of my papers and then make it look like a well-organized paper. I do that due to the fact that I
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Basically this is saying that you have to express yourself as it reveals who you really are. This is important to become a better writer as being true to yourself helps relate to readers and therefore will gain their attention. Expressing yourself also helps with your writing as the process of writing a paper will be much …show more content…
Rachel Hadas said that it’s important to revise whenever I write. That’s something I would agree with her as well because if I just leave a finished paper without revising it, then there is good chance it might have grammar, spelling or any kind of mistakes and could end up with a lower grade. With revising, it helps as my writing and my work improves.

What also caught my attention is how she said “Perfect is the enemy of good”. What she is saying is that if I’m too much of a perfectionist or trying to be one, then there is a good chance I’ll never get anything done. With this advice, I should avoid being a perfectionist when I’m writing a paper because it could possibly take a lot of time to finish a paper. I know I said from a few paragraphs back that it takes time to write a paper, but I shouldn’t use that time to figure out a way to make it perfect. I quoted this once, and I’ll quote it again, “Perfect is the enemy of

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