Pathos, Logos, And Ethos Essay

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Reading Over the course of the semester, one of our goals was the improve our reading abilities in a way that chiseled our talents in identifying, analyzing, and evaluating different arguments and select examples of pathos, logos, and ethos. Pathos is the use of emotional arguments, logos is the use of logical arguments, and ethos is the use of another person’s credibility when composing an argument.
My First encounter with attempting to analyze a persuasive argument was during the composition of the Rhetorical Situations Blog. While trying to identify the rhetorical differences in their arguments, I was unable to, which was made obvious when my major differences in two arguments were articulated as, “Although Farris and Morrison share similar views, Farris’ language has sarcastic undertones while criticizing the ANWR proposal while Morrison’s has urgent and serious undertones.” I focused more on analyzing the tones used in their writing than the actual differences in their arguments or rhetorical elements they employed.
During Dean Herron’s speech on Ossian Sweet, I was much better able to identify examples of pathos and logos in my i-Search paper, although I did not label them as such. The first example is a sample of logos being identified, where I mention, “Throughout the speech, Herron tried to convince us that the past influences the present which influences the future and that we, as a society, will never be able to escape the past.” The second example is pulled from…

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