Write An Essay On Why I Want To Make A Rocket

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“That is the price that you have to pay for your curiosity!” – Stated my father. I was there, a four years old kid, lying down with a lot of pain, second and third degree burns in my lower body. Kerosene, gasoline, and alcohol mixed in bad proportion were not effective as a propellant for my homemade rocket. When my grandfather asked me why I wanted to make a rocket? I answered: “Well, I want to see the stars better, and the best way is being close to them!” - He just smiles. I just was made my first experiment with a purpose to make a closed observation. I spend three month staring at my burns and visualising how my body repaired all this blisters and destroyed tissues that was fantastic!

Before medical school, I studied electronics, this field was strictly mathematical and logical oriented. Analysing circuits, physics experiments and coding lines for microprocessors provide me a methodical, logical, creative and flexible approach to tackle any problem.
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In our time, we are living in a challenging era where the advances at molecular, genomics, proteomics and metabolomics levels, demands a pathologists as leaders of the revolution in personalized medicine and all those changes really excite me, I want to be at the first line of these amazing improvements in medicine.

It would be an honour for me to pursue my career at McGill University. McGill 's anatomical pathology program shines both locally and internationally with regards to its expertise, excellent quality of training and contribution to the literature. Having acquainted with some of the staff, I look forward to working in this challenging and stimulating environment. Fully aware of the required commitment to anatomical pathology, it is my passion for learning, discovering and performing research in a team that will enable me to become a valued member of the your

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