Pathological Psychology : Abnormal Psychology Essay

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Abnormal Behavior The interpretation of abnormal psychology can be subjective to variation on what is strange or considered uncommon to the average individual. According to Sue, Sue, Sue, and Sue (2014, p.2), abnormal psychology is the “scientific study whose objectives are to describe, explain, predict, and modify behaviors that are considered strange or unusual.” I find it intriguing that abnormality is dependent on each individual perspective. My analysis of abnormal psychology is the same as what is described in the text book just not as scientific as the book’s definition was. The way we look at society has changed over the years as a result of fashionable and social trends. Deviance is a word that can also be regarded as unusual or to go in the opposite way of what is considered to be normal. According to Sue, Sue, Sue, and Sue (2014, p.6), deviance is “bizarre or unusual behavior is an abnormal deviation from an accepted standard of behavior, or a false perception of reality”. When taking into consideration why deviance is important in society, all is dependent on everyone’s point of view and coming together to realize if something is customary to the general public or unconventional in society’s perspective. When talking about distress all individuals carry it with them throughout some point in their day. According to Sue, Sue, Sue, and Sue (2014, p.5), distress can be individuals “suffering psychological distress that may show up physically, psychologically, or…

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