Wizard Of Oz Visual Analysis

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Which Path to Choose In this photograph of The Wizard of Oz the main focus is Emerald City glowing in the background and the two ways to choose between to get there the safest. The illuminating green castle shows the importance of taking the right path. This image resembles many situations in life where we need to be certain on which path we choose to lead us in the right direction. The magnificent Emerald City is the destination trying to be reached by the perplexed characters deciding whether to take the light path on the left, versus the dark side on the right. The path on the left shows many themes of light with its vibrant colors and tints of sparkle. In the distance, the sky on the left side of the image is vivid shades of blue and purple with the sun peering through white, fluffy clouds. The road itself looks smooth and as if it leads straight to the castle without any obstacles in the way. It is a long and winding road, but this side shows a smooth and easier encounter. There is a distinct variation of colors in every aspect of the left side. Bright shades of pink, yellow, green, orange, and white are all easily seen by the viewer. The yellow brick road is surrounded by many colorful flowers of all different kinds on each side, and the trees are full of green, healthy leaves. …show more content…
The image shows their confusion on which direction they think is the best and which they think would be the safest. This decision has a heavy effect on the image and the themes it shows. The light path on the left is illuminated with many cheerful forms of life along with the dark path dulled down by the witch’s castle and plenty of ideas of darkness. This picture can be interpreted in the theme of life and picking the right road to lead us in the right direction. We face situations as shown in this picture in everyday life and it is clear that it is never an easy

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