Pat Solitano As A Mental Health Facility Essay

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Pat Solitano was admitted into a mental health facility and released in the care of his parents after having 8 months of treatment due to his bi polar disorder. After coming home Pat soon learns that a lot has changed in those 8 months, his wife, Nikki, moved away, and he finds out that his father is out of a job and is supplicating to bookmarking. His father wants to save up enough money so he can open his own restaurant. Pat is trying to put the past behind him and get his life in order and attempt to win his wife back. Fun fact: His wife put a restraining order against him after he attacked another teacher which is what sent him to get help at the mental institution.

When Pat talks to his therapist, Dr. Patel, he explains why he went to the mental institution in the first place. Pat came home early from teaching high school students, he found Nikki (his wife) in their shower, engaging in sexual intercourse with another teacher. While Nikki was cheating on Pat in the shower, they were also listening to Nikki’s and Pat’s wedding song. Honestly, its super messed up. Anyways, Pat then beats the teacher pretty badly, almost to death. Despite everything that has happened and how Pat handled this situation, he still cannot come to terms with him having a mental illness.

Pat goes to his friend’s house named Ronnie. There, Pat meets Ronnie’s sister in law, Tiffany Maxwell. Tiffany is a young woman who happens to be widowed and a recovering sex addict who is out of a job as…

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