Pat Barker 's Regeneration The First Of A Trilogy Essay

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The Everlasting War
Pat Barker 's infamous novel, Regeneration the first of a trilogy, is an ideal representation of the historical fiction genre. Barker sets her narrative in Craiglockhart War Hospital a setting challenged with the aftermath math of war, she analyzes the sincere relationship between historical figures Siegfried Sassoon and his psychologist Dr. Rivers, and utilizes actual historical events of PTSD and conscription of young men to categorize her novel as a historical war fiction. Transforming the atrocity and traumas incurred by war into a novel is quite difficult, as the author must use a distinctive style of imagery and selective settings to convey the message effectively. Pat Barker was well aware of this while writing "Regneration", she chose to write her novel in 1917 during the end of World War One and placed her novel in Scotland at the Craiglockhart War Hospital. The Craiglockhart War Hospital is a historical monument, now a part of Edinburgh Napier University. The hospital represents the traumas that soldiers faced during the world wars, which had brutalized an entire generation of young men. Regeneration can be classified as a historical fiction novel because, Barker uses this historical setting and vivid imagery to illustrate the struggles endured at the War Hospital.

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