Pastoral Counseling Reflection Paper

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Solving My People Puzzle: Part One
Liberty University


Understanding people and their personality can be very complicated; people have different personalities and ways that they view things. The student will identify her own people puzzle by utilizing the resources provided in the course. The resources will help the student answer the three questions provided, as well as, the different assessments. As the student answers the questions, they will be able to manage their relational style. The resources and assessments provided will help the student understand her own unique personality.

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Well, when I pressed 1, a person came on the line hysterically laughing saying, “Gotcha you were scared weren’t you. Pass the number on to the next person and get a good laugh.” This is the type of person, Beverly is!

3) Have you ever been in a situation where you saw Beverly take on new tasks or roles? Describe this situation and what she did?

Yes, our Pastor’s personal secretary left the church, and she was without a secretary for about year and half. She said that she was not equipped or qualified for the job, but she saw how stressed out our Pastor was trying to handle his own schedule. Well, it has been almost four years, and she is still Pastor’s secretary. She has tried to give it other people, but no one wants the responsibility. It is my opinion, but I think no one can ever do what Beverly does. She was made for this job because she knows how to communicate with people. She is humble and faithful.

No, she is really busy these days with her family, church, and school. She has a lot on her plate as is.

4) What has been a particularly demanding goal for Beverly to achieve?

She has struggled with losing weight. It has been a tremendous struggle for her.

Beverly has had some health issues, and she has had a hard time finding the right medical help. Because of her weight, doctors didn’t seem to take her seriously, but God blessed her to find a Doctor who was a Christian. He has really been a help to

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